65-2 #26 April 01, 2011

Deutsche Bank Trial Begins April 4th

Opening arguments for the Deutsche Bank trial are scheduled to start on Monday; April 4th at 0930 hours in Manhattan, at the Supreme Court, 100 Centre St., Part 94 on the 15th floor. The District Attorney expects the trial to last four months.

Members are permitted by the Department to wear their Class A uniforms to this trial. However, in other cases, defense counsel have objected, claiming it unduly influences the jury. If such an objection is made, the presiding Judge can exclude you. In accordance with Department regulations, members in uniform may not speak to the media without the Department's permission. Members of course can attend while wearing other attire identifying themselves as Firefighters.

As always, all members are reminded to maintain the professional deportment the public has come to expect from us, in accordance with all Department rules and regulations.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary