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August 31, 1901

Four Meet Death In Tenement Fire

NEW YORK, Aug. 30 -- Four persons were killed and seven seriously injured in a tenement fire in Brooklyn to-night.

The dead are:

MRS. ROSIE ROTHGISER, 37 years old, jumped from a fourth story window.

ANNIE BECK, 10 years.

TILLIE BECK, 5 years, burned to death.

FRANK BUDD, infant, died at the hospital.

The injured are: MRS. ANNIE BECK, 31 years old, mother of the dead children, burns and shock; MINNIE BECK, 3 years old; JOSEPH BECK, 2 months; MAGGIE BUDD, 32 years; ROSIE BUDD, 21 years; CHARLES FRANK, 3 months; CARRIE WALTERS, 30 years.

All of the injured were taken to the hospital. The dead were removed to a police station.

The explosion of a kerosene oil stove started the fire. Nets were spread to catch those who jumped from the windows.

MRS. ROTHGIZER missed the net spread for her, struck on the sidewalk and was instantly killed.

The Post-Standard Syracuse New York 1901-08-31