65-2 #12 February 24, 2017

Union Issues

Special Order of Business

  • Candidate Nominations
    Candidate nominations for UFA General Election Took place at the February 12th meeting. Please see 65-2 #11.

Special Thanks to the Election Committee (Pat Demic, Richard Bancroft, Marc Dore, Michael O'Neill & Kevin Woods).

1. PBA Settles Contract
UFA President Jim Slevin updated the membership on many of the details of the agreed recent tentative PBA contract. The PBA accepted the same annual wage increases that all uniformed forces had previously negotiated, covering 2012-17. The PBA did receive a 2.25 differential by agreeing to take part in a neighborhood policing program. The PBA also agreed to have all of its members wear body cameras. In addition the PBA dropped 3 pending lawsuits with NYC.

Through attrition bargaining, the PBA appears to have funded the differential by lowering the step raises for all new hires, with no annuity payments for the first 5-1/2 years, and stretching out to 7 years the time it takes for a member to accrue a full vacation. Once the PBA contract is ratified, we will be able to look more closely at the deal, and determine our next course of action.

    2. UFA Collective Bargaining 2017
  • On Monday, February 27th at 10am the Battalion Advisory Committee will be brought in for a preliminary discussion over our next CBA.
  • A survey will be sent to all members asking to prioritize issues & demands for the next round of negotiations.
  • An official request for negotiation dates is being sent to Bob Linn at OLR.

3. Counter Terrorism Task Force Update
On Friday, February 10th, a joint meeting of the UFA & UFOA was held at the Office of Labor Relations (OLR), along with representatives of the FDNY over the recent implementation of the Rescue Task Force, pursuant to NY City Collective Bargaining Law. Both the UFA and UFOA expressed our concerns with the program in general, and specifically the equipment and training that our members have been receiving. We will meet at least once again to continue our discussions, and will continue to update the membership.

    4. Political Action
  • The Community Heroes Protection would expand penal law to include all offenses committed against law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel as hate crimes if the acts appear to be motivated by the victim’s profession. Offenses committed against first responders would be classified as hate crimes if a bill proposed Monday is passed. The measure was announced Monday at the Capitol by sponsors Sen. Fred Akshar, R-Coleville, Broome County, and Assemblyman Peter Abbate, D-Brooklyn, and various first responder organizations from around the state. UFA President James Slevin testified in support of the bill.
  • UFA President James Slevin & Vice President Fitzgerald have met with numerous City Council members concerning the upcoming city budget, stressing the need for additional resources in the FDNY.We are working with City Councilperson Elizabeth Crowley on targeting the companies that were closed under the Bloomberg administration.We will continue to update the membership on this important issue.
  • NYS Public Employees Conference (PEC): On Tuesday, February 8th at the annual PEC breakfast in Albany, the main topic of discussion was the upcoming constitutional referendum that will be on the November general election ballot. President Slevin updated the membership.

    5. Labor Management Update
  • Bronx memo concerning changes in Self- mutual policy
    Recently a memo was circulated from the Borough Commander covering a handful of topics that supposedly had been approved by the department, changing the self mx policy - making it mandatory to pre-pay a self-mx, before taking a tour off. This is not happening.
  • Five Man Engines increased in February
    As per the UFA contract, an additional 5 Engine companies will add a 5th firefighter. They are E-5, E-50, E-156, E-236 & E-308.
  • Verification of Random Drug Testing Printouts
    The UFA and Department have agreed to a new policy, allowing the UFA/UFOA to witness the random drug unit’s computer printing of the companies next up for testing. The UFA/UFOA will sign the back of each form and be able to challenge the department on any unusual patterns of companies being tested.
  • Parking at Metrotech
    The department has asked us to remind all members that parking is prohibited in many areas around FD headquarters. Cars may be ticketed or towed if illegally parked.

    6. UFA Elections
  • Wednesday, March 1st Ballots will be mailed by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on March 1st to all members’ home addresses for an election vote.
  • Tuesday, March 21st Ballots due by 5pm** at AAA. Ballots sent via overnight mail that are received on 3/21 will count.
  • Wednesday, March 22nd Ballots counted 10am in front of the Recording Secretary and the election committee by AAA. Results will be announced via 65-2 (EMAIL????) fax and web posting.

Requests for new Ballot: If a member has not received a ballot by March 10th, they must call 800-529-5218 between 9am-5pm M-F, and request a new ballot.

**Members may hand deliver the ballot until 5pm on 3/21 at American Arbitration Assn. 120 Broadway, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10271.

Military Members serving active duty any time between March 1st and March 21st may vote via the internet in accordance with the UFA Constitution and above time requirements. Any activated military member wishing to e-vote must insure your email address on record at the UFA is accurate, in order to receive an e-ballot. If not, immediately prepare a 'SBF Change of Address Form' noting your email address, sign it, and fax to 212-683-4359, or mail to the UFA, Attn: LeRoy McGinnis, Recording Secretary, 204 East 23 Street, New York, NY 10010, or email your current email address to RecordingSecretary@ufanyc.org.

Any Delegate with an activated military member assigned to his company is asked to reach out to the family to obtain an email address, if the member is using email while overseas. Provide this info to UFA Recording Secretary LeRoy McGinnis. The information will be verified prior to emailing a ballot.

7. Delegate ID Photos
New Delegates can get ID Photos at the March 9th meeting.

8. 2017 UFA Delegate Seminar
In accordance with the UFA Constitution, a seminar site was chosen by a majority vote of the Delegate body. The 2017 Delegate Education Seminar will be held May 9th through May 12th in Atlantic City at the Tropicana. Information packets with room registrations & details have been mailed. Any delegate who has not received his packet should call Denise Keeley at the UFA 646-839-6533.

9. Update Your Address, Email, Phone #s with the UFA
Members and Delegates wishing to receive important information or notifications from the UFA should insure that their residence addresses, email addresses, home and cell phone numbers on file with the UFA are updated and accurate. In order to do this, you must prepare and sign a 'SBF Change of Address Form' and mail to the UFA, Attn: SBF.

Forms can be obtained from your Delegate, who can assist you, or you can call the UFA SBF at 212-683-4723, or visit the Forms Section of the UFA web site. Additionally, members wishing to receive e-mails from the UFA should add the UFA e-mail address, UFA@ufanyc.org, to their contacts.

NYCAPS Employee Personal Data Update Form All members are reminded that they must fill out separate change of address forms with the Department. These forms are available on the intranet in your firehouse.


James M. Slevin

LeRoy C. McGinnis
Recording Secretary