65-2 #13 March 08, 2017

DOI Schedules Interviews of Young Firefighters

The UFA has learned that the Department of Investigation (DOI) has sent written Notices to numerous firefighters, directing that they appear at DOI at various times on March, 14, 2017.

Upon hearing of this, our General Counsel, Michael Block communicated with DOI and was informed that they had randomly selected a number of firefighters with approximately two years on the job, to question them in order to determine if there is a "culture of hazing" within the Department.

Any firefighter who has received a Notice to appear at DOI has the absolute right to legal representation at his/her interview. You should not go there without representation. Mr. Block will be there with you.

We strongly urge that you immediately contact Mr. Block at 212-732-9000 if you are amongst those who have been directed to appear at DOI. The UFA will protect your rights.


James M. Slevin

LeRoy C. McGinnis
Recording Secretary