65-2 #19 March 30, 2017

New Round of DOI Interviews

The Department of Investigation has decided to interview additional young FDNY firefighters in connection with an investigation of how the young firefighters are being treated in their respective firehouses and whether they have been subjected to any hazing.

DOI has refused to give the UFA or its counsel the names of the firefighters they wish to interview. Instead, DOI is faxing letters to their firehouses, directing the firefighters to call DOI to schedule their interview.

The letters inappropriately do not advise the young firefighters of their right to legal representation. In fact, they are entitled to a lawyer at these interviews. UFA General Counsel, Michael Block, will represent any firefighter who requests his assistance.

We strongly recommend that if you receive a letter from DOI (or the Office of the Inspector General at DOI) directing you to call them to set up your interview, that you instead call Mr. Block at 212-732-9000. He will then represent you and work out the scheduling with DOI.

We ask that our delegates pass this information on to the younger members.

Thank you.


James M. Slevin

LeRoy C. McGinnis
Recording Secretary