65-2 #54 September 13, 2017

Loss of SBF Benefits for Spouses and Dependents *Immediate Action Required*

The Department of Social Security & the IRS have informed us that there are over 2,250 discrepancies and or errors in regards to Dependent's information (Social Security #'s, wrong addresses, birth dates, etc.) Over 250 spouse's Social Security #'s are not on file. Many members have already submitted the necessary information. Due to errors beyond our control, we asking for all affected members to submit or resubmit the information needed.

We are also asking that every member take a look at THE LIST OF NAMES to contact them as well in case conventional methods of communication don't pan out. The deadline is Monday, October 16th in order to prevent the loss of benefits.

CLICK HERE for associated forms to PRINT and FAX!


Gerard Fitzgerald

Robert Eustace
Recording Secretary