Health & Safety: Firehouse Information

Anytime there is an issue related to the Firehouse you must first inform the Officer on duty. The Officer will then call the Resource Center (Phone 718-999-4357, Monday to Friday 7 AM - 3 PM, after hours for emergency only) where the Officer will generally be given a work order number. After allowing a reasonable amount of time to address the situation, your Officer can then call up to see when the situation will be addressed or what more has to be done.

Should you feel the situation is of immediate concern, please follow the above procedures and call the Sergeant-At-Arms / Health and Safety Officer.

As documentation has proven to be a useful commodity, please CLICK HERE to Submit Your Concerns and file an inquiry or complaint. By doing this you help us to spot trends and keep on top of the major issues.

***Please Note: This list of firehouse problems and concerns are available upon request to the Health and Safety Officer to individuals who can help us alleviate problems and address the issues of importance to our Membership.