Health & Safety: Safety Messages

65-2 #69a September 5th, 2007

Safety Message #06 Air Purifying Respirators (APRs)

UFA Health and Safety Officer / Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Romaka wishes to remind the Membership to take their safety responsibilities seriously at all times. We will continue to highlight and remind our members of "safe actions" as spelled out by the Department. Stay well and stay safe!

The FDNY Training Bulletin MASKS Addendum 3 and 4 identifies the type of Air Purifying Respirator (APR) cartridges that are carried on your apparatus and what types of benefits, uses and limitations each one has. We wish to bring your attention to the following section of these Addendums-

    4. Uses

This respirator is intended to be used in very limited and specific situations. No member shall don a respirator without specific instructions from the Incident Commander. The Incident Commander should only make this decision after consultation with the Haz-Mat Group Supervisor and all the risks have been properly evaluated. If any uncertainty exists than the use of SCBA should be continued until such time as the hazards can all be evaluated properly.

The uses include:

  • Asbestos incidents, non-fire related.
  • Biological or suspected biological incidents where continuous atmospheric monitoring is done.
  • Decontamination operations of a long duration where the filter will remove the known contaminants and atmospheric conditions are monitored and meet the above criteria.
  • *Please refer to the full Training Bulletin MASKS and familiarize yourself with its content. Please also take the time to locate them on your apparatus and check the expiration dates to make certain they are in compliance.


    Stephen J. Cassidy

    William Romaka
    Sergeant-at-Arms/Health & Safety Officer