2017 UFA Honoree Firefighter Service Award

Honoree Firefighter Service Award

2017 Seminar Honorees DinnerPhoto by Stephen Symbolik

Raymond R. Phillips, Jr., Ret. Rescue 3, was sworn into the FDNY on November 5, 1977. After graduating from probie school in December 1977, he was assigned to Engine 42. Later he was transferred across the floor to Ladder 56 in 1979 and then to Ladder 29 in September 1980. From there, Ray went to Rescue 3 in June 1990 and was assigned to Special Operations Command in February 1999. He was assigned to TAC on June 1, 2001. Ray retired from the FDNY after 26 years of serv- ice on January 16, 2003.

Ray was a union Delegate and continues to be active in the Emerald Society and is the Vice President of the Holy Name Society. On May 20, 2001, Ray was hon- ored as the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island Holy Name Society Man of the Year. Ray played for the Bravest Football Team from 1980-1987. In 1985, Ray became the offi- cial Santa Claus for the UFA and continues this role annually at the Widow’s & Children’s Christmas Party. Ray married his wife Maureen on June 15, 1984 and has three children, Raymond, Brian, and Courtney.