2017 UFA Honoree Firefighter Service Award

Ret. FF Kenneth Ruane, Ladder 16

2017 Seminar Honorees DinnerPhoto by Stephen Symbolik

After 43 years on the job, Kenny completed his last tour of duty on August 13, 2013. He joined the Department on September 5, 1970, and was assigned to Ladder 26 where he worked under Captain John O’Regan. Kenny then worked for two years in Engine 91 and then, after a layoff, was assigned to Engine 39. There he worked until making the move to Ladder 16, although he was loaned to Engine 10/Ladder 10 for six years. He ended his career at Ladder 16.

By every account Kenny, Kenny’s knowledge of firefighting and leadership skills were second to none. He commanded excellence, respect, and engaged brother firefighters and the public with professionalism and courtesy. Out of uniform, Kenny was active at both the Cornell Burn Center and the Kennedy School for the Developmentally Disabled.

When he retired from the FDNY in 2013, his long career was celebrated by brother firefighters, friends, Division and Battalion Chiefs. He left a legacy of hard work, devotion, humor, and compassion toward others which continues to this day.