UFA News Video Clips

UFA and PBA Demonstrate Against Patterson Veto

UFA Vice President Jim Slevin on NY1 Re: FDNY Pensions

FDNY Cutbacks - News Clips

FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta on Road to City Hall‚Äè

March 31st: Cassidy on NY1’s 'Road to City Hall' Speaks out Against Scoppetta’s Leadership and Warns of Grave Consequences from Closing Firehouses and Cutting Staffing

Oversight Committee Hearing Video on Firehouse Closures

60 Seconds - The Difference between Life and Death
From a Harmless Flame to a Raging Inferno in Less Than 3 Minutes

UFA President Steve Cassidy on ABC, NBC & NY1: Firehouse Cutbacks

Bronx Trustee Eddie Brown on NY1 Regarding The Black Sunday Fire Trial

City Island 2nd Alarm Fire: Fox, WPIX and NY1's Coverage with Steve Cassidy on Life and Death Risks of Planned Firehouse Closures

Steve Cassidy's 'Inside City Hall' Reaction to the Deutsche Bank Fatal Fire Indictments

Fire Safety Cutback News Videos

Steve Cassidy on 1010 WINS and WCBS News Radio Speaking Out On Firehouse Closures

Bronx Trustee Ed Brown on CBS-2 and News 4 New York on Cutback Risks

Stephen Cassidy Demands Answers on NY City Buildings' Defective Fire Alarm Systems - My 9 News

FDNY Investigation Regarding Defective NY City Hi-Rise Fire Alarm Systems - MY9 News

Steve Cassidy on Subway Safety

Safety Code Regulations - Nearly One Year After The Deutsche Bank Fatal Fire

UFA - Pay Hike Demands

Bronx Trustee Ed Brown On WNBC-TV and News 12 The Bronx re: Problematic FDNY Dispatch Protocols

Steve Cassidy in The News: FDNY Response Times

Stephen Humenesky on CBS 2 Discussing Response Times

Stephen Humenesky on Fox News Discussing Response Times

Stephen Humenesky on WWOR My 9 Discussing Response Times

The UFA and UFOA Hold Joint Press Conference to Protest FDNY Deutsche Bank Fire Cover-Up

View News Coverage of the Deutsche Bank Fatal Fire

CBS 2 News Sunday Morning On the Giuliani Urban Legend Video

CBS 2 News Covers Steve Cassidy's Meeting with Senator Fred Thompson

Cassidy's July 11th Inside City Hall Interview Regarding The UFA's Giuliani Election Opposition

Cassidy's June 15 NY 1's Inside City Hall Appearance Regarding 911 FDNY Responders

Steve Cassidy Explains What the New Contract Means to the Membership

Steve Cassidy's March 5th NY 1 Interview Discussing UFA Contract Agreement

UFA Press Conferences on FDNY Locker Issue

Steve Cassidy on NY1 Jan 3rd, 2007 Speaking about 2006 Record Number of Runs

Dec 13th Channel 2 & Channel 9 News Clips: WTC Memorial Listing of Names Announcement with Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy's Dec 13th NY1's Inside City Hall Appearance on WTC Memorial Listing of Names

Steve Cassidy on NY1's Inside City Hall Discussing Secret FDNY Safety Memo About Unsafe Seagrave Rig Doors

CBS 2 News Covers FDNY Equipment - Press Conference with Steve Cassidy

NY 1's Coverage of Apparatus Safety Issues

NBC's Coverage of Apparatus Safety Issues

Steve Cassidy on NY 1's Inside City Hall Talking About 5th Anniversary of 9-11

Jim Slevin, UFA Vice President, on Fox News Discussing 5th Anniversary of 9-11

CBS News Uncovers 9-11 Air Quality Documents - Interview with Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy on NBC's Today Show Discusses September 11th Related Health Issues

CBS 2 News at 11:00 - Troubled Trucks

Eyewitness NEWS at 6:00 - Fire Rigs

CBS 2 News at 11:00 - Fire Rigs

NY1 - Road to City Hall - Tentative Contract Agreement

CBS 2 News, - 1st Report on Fire Rigs

NY1 - Road to City Hall, - Contract Impass

CBS 2 News at 11:00, - Contract Impass

NY1 - Road to City Hall, - UFA's Stand on the WTC Memorial at Ground Zero

NY1 - Road to City Hall, - Emergency Response Times

RNN Live - Red Cross Grant to Fund Treatment of 911 Illnesses